Can A Real Estate Agent Really Help Me Save?

Posted by Pat Wilkins on Thursday, March 16th, 2017 at 1:05pm.

Can A Real Estate Agent Really Help Me Save?

Resort towns like Marco Island are known for their perpetual sellers - those who visit every year and say, "one day we'll buy and move down here." They often pick up listing magazines and stop by a few open houses. If you're one of those buyers, but now you want to seriously look for a new place, here are a few reasons to call a real estate agent to find the perfect home.

Agents Save You Valuable Time

If you're Marco Island home will be your secondary home, time is of the essence! Rather than wandering around the Island and the county trying to find the right home, meet with an agent. Explain what you're looking for (price, location, type and features), and they can quickly compile a list of homes on market meeting your needs. They can set-up the appointments and use their special access to get you into unoccupied homes.

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Agents Can Refer You to Local Contractors

Even if you find the right home to purchase, chances are it's still not perfect! A good agent, especially on a place like Marco Island, can connect you to the best contractors in every trade. If you are just purchasing a lot, or interested in a major renovation, ask your agent who you should trust. For the precarious legal process surrounding the sale, or finding a trusted mortgage lender, an agent can give you solid recommendations. Just imagine all the time you save when you don't sell or buy alone!

Knowledge = Money

Agents know you want the highest possible value for your home, but they also know the market and what your home is worth. They can help you accurately list your home with a comparable market price -- neither too high or too low. When it comes to finally closing the deal, agents can help you negotiate the absolute best price for your home -- is your counteroffer too high or too low? With an experienced agent, navigating this process will save you money on your home!

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