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5 Questions to Ask at a Marco Island Open House

The open house is one of those special weekend traditions in the real estate business. As the season heats up, the doors open and all kinds of people walk through the home to discover more. Even if you’re not immediately interested in making a purchase, it’s still a great way to get a better feel of the real estate market in your area and try and potentially get a better idea what your home is worth. On your next open house visit, ask the hosting agent these 5 important questions.

1. How long has the home been on the market?

This is always a great place to start because it helps you gauge the overall interest in the property. If the home has not been on the market long, ask about pending offers--the

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4 Best Rainy Day Activities on Marco Island

Although Marco Island boasts hundreds of days of sunshine every year, once in awhile, the Gulf winds bring in dark clouds that don’t go away. Lucky for your vacation, Marco Island is not your typical “beach town.” With a variety of great activities for those rare rainy days, Marco Island always keeps you entertained.

1. Catch a HOLLYWOOD hit at Marco Movies

Boasting “America’s Original First Run Food Theater,” this family owned theater shows the best first-run movies in a comfortable setting. With a menu of freshly and professionally prepared foods, this unique theater is a great place to wait out the storm. After the film, be sure to stop by our realty office to see the latest home listings.

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How Much is a Home Worth? Important Factors for Marco Island Real Estate

“Location. Location. Location!”

Real Estate markets have long lived by that simple mantra. If you’ve spent just a few minutes scanning listings on Zillow or Trulia, you’ve probably seen this idea in action. Two nearly identical homes just a mile apart could be listed for dramatically different prices.

Usually, determining a great location is easy. A home on a quiet residential street away from the highway, or one in a great school district will be highly valued by the market. On Marco Island, it’s not that simple. The canals, beaches, communities, and beautiful sunsets are all factors you need to consider.

Marco Island Florida Canal Lots Real Estate

Canal Lot

Marco Island is the furthermost north of the

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Marco Island Beach Guide

Nestled in the Mangrove Islands of Southwest Florida’s Gulf Coast, the tropical sun-washed beaches of Marco Island are a world-renowned destination for residents and tourists alike. With a yearly average high temperature of 81 degrees, 266 days of sunshine per year, and the warm Gulf water tumbling onto white sandy beaches, Marco Island seldom allows for a bad beach day. The beautiful high rises lining the beach, the combed sand, and the landscaped walkways set the standard for beach elegance.

beautiful sunset on marco island florida

All beaches are family friendly

Constantly patrolled by law enforcement, and frequented by diligent residents, Marco Island’s beaches are a serene alternative to the other rowdy destinations lining the Gulf Coast. Marco beaches

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Choosing the Right Real Estate Agent: 5 tips for Marco Island Buyers

A recent report by the Tampa Bay Times reported an astounding new statistic: 28,507 people earned their Florida Real Estate License in 2015. That increase puts Florida as the nation leader with 221,000 real estate agents! Even the small island community of Marco Island boasts over 400 real estate agents. With all those agents, seems impossible to find someone you can trust to help you buy or sell your home. Start with these 5 Florida-specific tips to find the right real estate agent for you.

Marco Island Florida Real Estate

1. Don’t use a real-estate rookie

Do you really want to trust your new home purchase to one of those 28 thousand agents who just earned their Real Estate License? A home is a very

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